Friday, September 2, 2011


So you phone somewhere and people are always on holidays!  Yesterday I phoned somebody for my home care call.  The regular person wasn't coming.  So I phoned the Coordinator to see what was going on (after waiting for 15 minutes to be absolutely sure they weren't coming).  And she was on holidays until next week or the week after.  She said on her machine to call the Case Coordinator instead.  So, I did this. 

And he said he was on holidays on his machine until later that day.  So, I pressed zero for the reception because I think going to the washroom is something that requires "immediate assistance", don't you? 

And so my worker talked to the receptionist who went "hold on, I'll just transfer you to the case coordinator." who she just called like 5 times just so she could hear all the details of the message he left which said, to call the reception if you needed "immediate assistance" (and it might have said to call the coordinator, which we have established was already gone on holidays). 

Eventually, he got back to the office and emailed me that he talked to the coordinator's sub who phoned me back and arranged something...after I figured out the afternoon on my own. 

But, this could have all been prevented if I knew who the replacement was and how to phone them...but apparently they always they can never tell me who (!) and this day in age, maybe it's confidential!  Everything seems to be that way.  But it was a pretty funny never think they are all going to go on holidays at once!!

I'm just happy I wasn't training anyone, that might have freaked them out a bit:) 


amanda said...

wow thats crazy Janine did someone finally come help you ?

Tooner said...

nobody came, so we just made do on our own.