Friday, September 16, 2011


i am really angry because as I was reading Caleighs Corner; I came across..her getting her ipad taken away without asking.  When her parents said they were sending her to school, they were afraid of that happening and so was I.  I think that is there is no possible way for her to get a mount, they really need to talk about access because; I'll tape your mouth shut and see how you like it!  It's kind of ironic that it was a speech therapist that took it away.  They need to listen to the parents because they know more about this.  It makes me very angry because it is like taking your voice away and a communication device replaces or enhances your voice.  And nobody should be able to take your device away.  Or at least tell you where they're taking it so you know and let you know when they'll bring it back.  I know of three people now that have gotten there devices taken away.  This should not be an issue guys!   This is somebody's way of communication!!  To all the teachers out there: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE PEOPLES COMMUNICATION DEVICES AWAY!! EVER!!!  If it really bothers you maybe you could figure out a way to make it work.  You can change the voices on them, make it quieter, etc.  I hope Caleigh has a better time.  And if her parents read this, I'm so sorry that this happened. 

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