Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sky is Falling

I went to a friend's retirement party at work, and I had lots of fun. However, there was one person who was  really rude and insensitive as we know people can be. I was sad and crying because my colleague/friend was leaving. This person goes up to my worker and goes "why did you make her cry?" Nnumber one, I don't like that they used the word "her" - why would my worker/friend want to made me cry on purpose? It had nothing to do with her. When you're in a wheelchair and you're crying, it's like the sky is falling. It's like the person was saying "make her happy right now, she can't be sad."
The party was lots of fun. We had pizza and we dressed up in animal prints (in honour of the retiree) and took pictures. I don't understand why I should be expected to be happy all the time, just because I'm in a wheelchair. The perception is that you have to be happy, and and if you're not, somebody has to do something, RIGHT AWAY.