Thursday, June 23, 2011


On Love That Max I was reading a comment from somebody and I'm not trying to be rude; but I didn't appreciate it at all.  (Max who is 8 and has Cerebral Palsy painted a paper plate by himself for the first time using marshmellows that his Occupational Therapist suggested to him).  This person said that marshmellows should only be used to feed people because there are starving children in the world and not for OT activities.  What if you had never painted before (and you really really wanted to)??? Or think of something that you really want to do and you can't do it and all of the sudden there is a way that you CAN do these things...wouldn't you buy anything to be able to make you do it??? want to acheive this goal. 

 This makes me angry because I have an OT that is very creative and I get very upset when I can't do things.  If that is the only feasible way that I could do something; it would make me happy, really happy!!! In my opinion, whatever works, works!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

kilometres for communication

I loved this presentation that I went to. It's about these two boys that are cycling across Canada to raise awareness about alternative augmentative communication. It is really cool, I think, and I think there has to be more awareness raised because two of the people at the presentation had communication devices taken away from them by teachers because the voice was annoying. (!) This is like me putting tape over your mouth because it's like taking their voice away and how would you like it if somebody made fun of your voice? This really makes me mad because everybody has the fundamental human right to communicate. If you don't give them a chance to communicate, then they can't. Alot of people think that non-verbal people are dumb and stupid and don't understand what you're saying. Even the simple things, simple wants and needs, like thirst, hunger, need for sleep, etc. If people had the ability to communicate even these simple needs, they would feel more like humans. Not aliens. This is the blog for Kilmotres for Communication:
Check it out!

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