Friday, November 30, 2012

Aging parents struggle to find care for disabled daughter Hi guys, this is heart wrenching, it brings tears to my eyes. To think people actually give their kids up just because they have disabilities is really, really sad for me. I think Ontario should change to a system of funding similar to Winnipeg's family managed care program. Where you don't have to go through an agency, you can hire your own people and have someone manage it for you, or manage it yourself. I wish I could do something to make this stop, because it's not right. I'm not saying what the parents did is wrong, but it's not right. Just because they can't take care of the child and I think that the Church or some big community in the area should offer to help for free. This is crazy that they can't find help. There should be some people out there that could help them. And I think this is awful. I would help if I could, I'm not sure we should do, but I would definitely try and help.

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