Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today at my work we have a Dignity Forum.  And I think dignity is very important because as people with disabilities we don't get that enough.  All I ask for is to be treated like a regular adult.  That shouldn't be a lot to ask but it is sometimes.  It is important, especially for non-verbal people to have their needs and wants known somehow.  Because it's really important that we give them dignity and respect even if they don't speak or seem like they can do anything.  Which I don't believe, I think that everyone can do something, even if it's small.  People don't see that though.  And that annoys me.  That they look at people like medical cases instead of like people with hearts and minds and souls. 

One time, I went to a doctor that was doing a procedure for me that wasn't very pleasant sometimes and I thought it had to hurt and my next doctor said no, it doesn't have to hurt that much!  It just has to hurt a little bit.  The other Doctor was not paying attention to how I felt and actually was doing something wrong!! And this Doctor knew exactly what it was and fixed it right away because she was talking to me and listening to what I said and asking if I was ok lots of times.  Normally, that would really bother me, people asking are you ok? are you ok? all the time but when you are having work like that done, it is actually nice to be asked and not jabbed without notice!!!

I hope you all have a very Dignified Day!!!

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