Thursday, March 24, 2011

Certain Proof

Watch This Video next Post....

This video got me going. I think that when some people see a wheelchair they freak out.  It's four wheels and then they go "what do I do..." ahhhh! It's a monster! this video is a movie of a boy with cerebral palsy and his mom.  She was saying that people think that he doesn't know anything that he is doing because is non verbal. i think it is really wrong. I'm trying to be nice here. i think Communication not always verbal.
Some people in my life have done that to me too.  Even though I am verbal and I do talk (a lot):)  Some people think that I don't know anything about death and dying.  I work in a personal care home.  One day I was sitting with someone that was dying and someone asked my worker "Does she know what's going on??"  I hate that "DOES SHE..."?  "Do I..."?  Would be better.  But still, I think that is really the wrong question to ask.  Because why would I be sitting there for a long time with someone if I didn't know what was going on??
It's so hard to find people that will treat you normally.  It's like they have to treat you differently because you're in a wheelchair and you "don't know what's going on".  In the video it also says that "He shouldn't be in a real-life classroom (but a special one)" and I remember very distinctly when I was in school them telling me that I couldn't go to university and I went. 
I believe in special programming but you don't have to take them out of the classroom but you can just do ability appropriate activities with them in the same class as all the other kids.  And if they have to go out for something that's fine.  I don't think they should be separated. 

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